Friday, April 20, 2007

righteous indignation

Got a few comments viz my atheistic rant. No actual death threats yet though.Here's one:
How did a half-wit get a column in the esteemed Jakarta Post?
That was one. You can blame my friend Chris who used to work there. Not sure how "Esteemed" the Sunday Post is though. Another one was:
This is someone who doesn't now that he doesn't know and that there is a very thin line between a fanatic and an ignorant.
Try reading it again. No, I'm none the wiser either. Also received was:
Way too rational Simon, whilst you are (I assume) prepared to acknowledge that there MAY be intelligent design, I doubt very much that your average monotheist will provide for the possibility that your view might be true.


Good point there from Geordie. I tried hard not to be offensive and argue rationally but the you can always count on the dogged certainty of the faithful. Whatever happened to doubt and soul searching? They used to be an integral part of religions.
Last word to my drinking sparring partner Rich:

your worse than a heathen son of Satan, you gosh darned COMMUNIST and you need to REPENT and buy some guns.